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  • SUPER TETRICIDE 06.23.2012

    Curated, designed, and installed by Walt Gorecki & Akira Thompson


    SUPER TETRICIDE features a new generation of gamers embracing games and interactive media as an art form moving beyond a commercial product. The influence of video games is branching out, prompting individuals to work in a more interactive way even within the sphere of traditional media. By increasing exposure to interactive media we hope to forge connections between communities of game designers and fine artists while blurring the distinction between the two.


    Featuring work by:


    Anna Anthropy, Neal Breton, Alex Chiu, Dorkly, Mark Essen,

    Nick Froehlich, Ghost Ghost Teeth, Walt! Gorecki,

    Ed Key & David Kanaga, Kool Skull, William Lu, Luis Naranjo,

    PFFR Studios, Evan Seitz, Akira Thompson


    at Home Room June 23- August 11 2012


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  • TETRICIDE 07.07.2010

    Curated, designed, and installed by Walt Gorecki


     TETRICIDE is a multimedia exploration of the many facets of video game culture – focusing primarily on “old school” video games, embracing a pixelated aesthetic. Through interactive and experiential means the audience member is invited to become a participant in the work. Exhibitors include emerging artists from Los Angeles and beyond, incorporating elements of installation, video, and digital media.


    Featuring work by:


    J.R.Baldwin, Rachel Cole, Stanislaus Dyro III, Walt Gorecki, William Lu, Craig Miller, Luis Naranjo, Jim Tozzi/PFFR Studios, John Pham,

    Clark Walter, Austin Wolf-Sothern, Sam Yurick


    at Pehrspace July 7- August 10 2010

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Curated, designed, and installed by Walt Gorecki


An interdisciplinary exploration of spatial aesthetics and their ability to affect mood. This exhibition encourages the viewer's response to a variety of stimuli, guiding them through an architectural landscape rooted in the mythos of “The Haunted House.” Achieved by means of sound exploration and interactive sculptural elements, as well as video-based installation, the viewer alternately takes on the role of "co-conspirator" and "victim." The rise of postmodern architecture as a movement, which draws upon architectural traditions and conventions of the past in seeking to provide comfort to a perceived audience by employing elements of ornamental beauty, coincided with the mass production and presentation of haunted houses in the 1970s.


The “Haunted House” as an attraction was first popularized by the Disneyland attraction, “The Haunted Mansion.” Constructed in a decidedly postmodern environment, Disneyland itself having been designed by many well known postmodern architects including Robert Venturi. By using postmodern architectural theory as a basis The Haunted draws on elements of pathological fear and employs cognitive response systems that are anachronistic in appearance, yet contemporary in approach and its employ of technology. With visual elements rooted in illusion, and decorative elements provided by painters who are steeped in figurative academic tradition, the viewer is alternately comforted and terror-stricken.


Featuring work by:


Paul Arden, Camille Bachand, Chelsea Bayouth, Jessica Dalva,

Dirt Bike Studios, Nick Froehlich, Walt! Gorecki, Eri Hawkins,

Joe Holliday, Elliot Jackson, Craig Miller, Christine Monohan,

Allison Peck, Misha Poleshchuk, Chris Rexroad, Clark Walter

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Curated, designed, and installed by Walt Gorecki


Experience artists' imaginations running free in the expanse of infinite potentialities which lies beyond our atmosphere. Step aboard our star craft to examine alien organisms, cross galactic boundaries into landscapes of crystalline holography, and lose your sense of being amongst immersive soundscapes.


The diversity of the phenomena of nature is so great, and the treasures hidden in the heavens so rich, precisely in order that the human mind shall never be lacking in fresh nourishment. -Johannes Kepler


Featuring work by:


Elizabeth Ann, Ela Boyd, Stephen Chiodo, John Haley III, Brian Loveless,

Jesse Tise, Strangeloop, Chris Weisbart, Shaddy Zeineddine



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Curated, designed, and installed by Walt Gorecki


A playful journey through the world of soft sculpture and fabric media rooted in the history of toys.


As popular culture and high arts culture coalesced in the 1960s dolls and fabric media became integrated into the fine arts movement, and recently we’ve seen a reemergence of craft in the world of fine arts. That very reemergence is a primary driving force in our curatorial practice which, combined with the whimsical nature of the work, is why we’ve chosen to highlight it here. The use of fabric dolls for children’s play dates back to the ancient Romans. Over time the idea of the children’s doll has become more complex, fulfilling a child’s need for self-expression through imaginary play.


Join us as we explore that path through the lens of contemporary artists who are actively investigating the medium of plush and fabric. We exhibit their work in an immersive installation, transforming the gallery space into a plush environment and realizing the imaginary space that has for so long permeated the dreams of childhood.


Featuring work by:


Emily Blong, Eri Hawkins, Dave Horowitz, Tyler Miska, Aimee Montoya, Rosalyn Myles, Dina Noto, Bridgette Reed, Rhea Tepplim, Amy Wolkins,

Gabriela Zamora




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  • fillin' yr hole with Werewolves

    A zine exploring different aspects of werewolves through illustration, storytelling, photography, and crafts. Each book is printed on high quality paperstock, with a hand screenprinted cover, and are individually numbered in graphite. A series of 100.


    now available at Boxcar Books (IN), Domy Books (TX), Skylight Books, The Smell, and through False-Start, and O40M.


    contributers include – Anthony Anzalone, Elsy Benitez, Lately Blu Blu,

    Derek CornsBriana Gonzales, Walt GoreckiNathon Newbold,

    Misha Poleschuk, Michael Rianda, Sean Solomon, Paul Solis,

    Chad UbovichAustin Wolf-Sothern, Jonathan Zajdman

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  • fillin' yr hole with Werewolves too: starring Jason Bateman

     A sequel to "fillin' yr hole with Werewolves: A zine exploring different aspects of werewolves through illustration, storytelling, photography, and crafts. Each book is printed on high quality paperstock, with a hand screenprinted cover, and are individually numbered in graphite.


    More information and availability listing coming soon


An open participation, blind collaboration show of exquisite corpses at Echo Curio presented by walt! productions and Eraser Zine.


Co-curated by Walt Gorecki and Sean Solomon the exhibit opened November 12th 2010. The work was predominantly created over the course of 6 weeks at free open workshops at Echo Curio in Echo Park. The exhibit also included a 20 minute audio track with contributions from 16 different musicians, as well as 1 animated film and 2 live action films, all produced in the exquisite corpse method of blind collaboration.


Missed Connections cassette coming soon, presented by No Girls Allowed Records.





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L'KEG Gallery was a mixed-use creative space in Echo Park. Walt Gorecki acted as a Creative Director from 2008-2010. During that time we received the LA Weekly award for "Best Art Gallery for Music." More information will be posted here, highlighting  various projects at L'KEG.



Gallery description:

L'KEG Gallery is an all-ages, multimedia creative space that branches itself out as a gallery. We are located in the county of Los Angeles in Echo Park.


We are an outlet for those in search of substance and bewilderment; we encourage and support the development, exchange, and presentation of creative ideas, serving as a liaison to the local community by showcasing emerging artists and musicians, providing DIY workshops, rare and local indie film screenings, and educational outreach programs.


L'KEG supports independent entrepreneurs by distributing independent records, handmade crafts, zines, publications, and vintage clothing.


We like to keep things affordable and accessible to all audiences, so all our events are $5 dollars unless stated and all ages. We are not-for-profit and are volunteer run.



all images © Walter Gorecki 2017 unless otherwise noted